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We love to paint your memories into beautiful colors through the eye of the camera. We understand the importance of a beautiful day in your life whatever the occasion maybe. Our team put in their heart and soul so your day is preserved so you can cherish it for years to come. We don’t just take photographs we capture moments, a grooms nervous smile, a brides tear of joy, glowing eyes of a mother to be on a baby shower,blowing candles on your child’s first birthday.

We understand it all. R.K Photography has all the expertise, under one roof, needed to make any event a success. From conception to completion, each project is treated with the same high standard of service and quality, irrespective of size. R.K Photography deliver appropriate, innovative and cost effective event services and solutions, without compromising on the final result.

RK wedding Photography

Our Philosphy

Have you at any point had that “aha” minute when you understand that something is your reason for living? Well. We didn’t all begin our lives by needing to be picture takers however we would all be able to state now that doing this regular gives us a genuine reason. Seeing your certified grins on your big day, watching you hit the dance floor with your family and being made up for lost time at the time when nothing else matters those are only a portion of the things that make our activity the coolest and most pleasant in the entire world!

Throughout the years, RK Studio Family has built up a passionate and visual style that is exceptional to us and speaks to our work. We cherish warmth and closeness and this is precisely how we need you to feel when you are in our quality nothing will feel constrained and we will offer delicate direction through at all times. We cherish everything normal (we even guarantee to influence a stormy day to look perfect!)


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RK Wedding Photography

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